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I brought up the discussion in the D-37 Dual Sport forum if participants would be interested in the 6" Rally format over the standard 2.25" format and even suggested a 4" roll. The response was negative.

Participants argued the need for the expensive and wide boxes took up too much valuable dash space and that GPS was heading towards the new medium of communication. I countered that GPS will never rule the organized event and visuals will always be desired. Nor should one be offered exclusively. Nor should one be used exclusively.

Your chart program would be most desired by me and in my events and want to cater to the crowd that utilize them in both DS and AdvBike events. As an experienced ralliest, charts provided the needed visuals in advance for the next 2-3 turns and GPS would be for backup and correcting navigation.

The challenge is getting enthusiasts up to speed in purchasing the wide-format boxes and whether the organizer will go through the trouble of providing the various formats. That is an easy task for me with over 100 event charts to my experience and can even provide the 6" format in a continuous roll as done in the 2.25" DS charts. (I hate taping up books).
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