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12/26/2012 Shorter of breath and one day closer to death.

Today was my birthday and I didn't ride. Being born in December, I really appreciate being able to spend my birthday wearing a t-shirt and getting a tan. An aside: I've been trying to reconfigure my sleep cycle to take advantage of as much daylight as possible instead of staying up to the wee hours of the night, so with that in mind, I've made an effort to be up by seven and asleep by midnight.

So, I woke up early to a beautiful sunny morning and decided to try out a breakfast place I saw last night which advertised great deals. Since Jayne and Phil were still asleep I took a solitary stroll over and met the owner, James (from Vancouver WA, which is as close to a home base as I have right now) while having a delicious ham and cheese omelet. The omelet and the company of James were good enough that I decided to return for a late lunch (the price was no deterrent either).

Mi Cocina, just off the strip. That's James "shopping".

In the mean time, I wandered back to the hostel to see what the siblings were up to. They were messing around with some blog issues so I set off to explore Mazatlan a bit. I wandered the strip and checked out the beach. It was relatively uneventful. I then returned to the hostel but there was no one around so I went to late lunch.

Nice beach even on an overcast day...

Crappy photo but the other wouldn't upload...

Ended up hanging out with James who used to ride bikes before he had a terrible accident and lost half his face (since fixed with plastic surgery). Before I left he recommended a friend in Bucerias (just north of Puerto Vallarta) who could hook me up with a relatively cheap place to stay (it ended up not working out exactly). The friend was Ruben who owns “Dugarel Plays”. I was to deliver his card and pass on a message.

Mazatlan: The land of manicured trees...

After lunch/dinner I went back to the hostel to hang out. Towards late evening a couple of Kiwis rolled up on a pair of made-in-India imitation Vespas. They were traveling slow and steady down to Argentina. Cool guys, but really young so they went off to party with the Australians who were also staying there and I had a more low key evening.

Tourists out playing.
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