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Originally Posted by Ol'NumNuts View Post

Sorry, I added the following EDIT to my post above only to discover we had 'crossed' messages...
So, I have moved it here...

BTW... I'm down in Australia... We definitely need the long spots- wouldn't do long night rides without them. Sometimes a kangaroo will just plant itself on the road... But mostly they forage at the roadside and hop out at the last moment. Most drivers don't see them and say, "it just appeared from nowhere" after a strike...
So, you have my attention re: the spots but I'm looking for a 'total light solution' which would include 3 equally important aspects:
1) Long range spots (tick)
2) Wide Angle low height Flood (?) (hint: like the Ol' 'fog lamps'- but wider)
3) Short range "wall" of light- like 120 degrees 'in all directions' light (?)

Now we're talking serious lighting solutions....

Hmmm, that helmet light is definitely something I hadn't considered (or even seen before) but I will consider it...

Still have a need for a low wide flood to spot the suicide roo's before they ruin my day...

You got me thinking about the helmet light...
I'm a builder and in winter we start work before sunup so for the first hour or so I actually wear a headlamp. Same with pack-up after dark. I've been doin this for a few years now and was definitely one of the first, locally anyway. I used to cop a ribbing- but now I see even websites and tv shows wearing them...

So, there you go. You're speaking to the converted- just have to get my head round wearing one on the bike. Yes, I appreciate your HID is probably a gazillions times the output- just have to adjust to the concept- but I like it!

If you read my comments re: suicide roo's you will begin to appreciate that in my neck of the woods a 'low wide flood' is a MUST HAVE and there is no way any helmet light will satisfy this requirement... I would be sending myself stupid and dizzy constantly swinging side to side...

The helmet light may well satisfy point 3) above, but point 2) remains unanswered...
Funny to hear your experiences with head mounted lights.
I can remember distinctly being laughed at durring trade shows etc when we introduced the first Motorsports specific Helmet mounted light. Now 10 years later, we have been copied by others and a helmet mounted light is now the norm for off road night racing.
I wear mine anytime I'm off road at night, In fact I turn my bike mounted lights off while on a trail, they are far too distracting with them bouncing everywhere. When using a helmet mounted light your on the gas while the rider without one is still trying to find the corner. They do work best in a trail type environment. On more open roads I enjoy not feeling like I'm in a dark tunnel and I do see wildlife on the sides of the road that would have never be seen without it.
We offer several beam angles on bike mounted lights from 10 up to 60 deg. beyond that the forward light is very diminished.
But some may desire wider focal points.
We do offer very wide angle work type LEDs that are becoming very popular with Commercial Fisherman and other places where you need high powered Low draw Area lighting. Toyhaulers and trailers,Farming and Off grid living are just a few of the applications.
When Quality matters,Its all about choices.
Cyclops Performance LED Vendors thread

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