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my guess, faulty CDI

This is what happens... Now that I finally got my bike back and runing, I'm having a new issue.

As soon as the engine gets hot enough to start the fan, I get short on spark, The engine will start failing and would not cease until I let it cool down a little.. If I go quiet and below 5k revs, then nothing but perfection happens.

Another thing that I noticed is that when that happens or is about to happen (the spark issue) the tach will go crazy, showing 3k revs when Im pretty sure I'm going 1.5k.. but dont know if related...

My final thought was that my CDI is bad... what do u say?

pd.: engine and carb are more than perfect... so dont focus on that.. My alternator has been repaired 1 month ago, and regulator is brand new.
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