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Hi Al! Welcome to the asylum.

Originally Posted by Bike Holiday View Post
I don't have a garage but I overcame all that and went to the first
step which was getting my permit passed on the first attempt
then ordered flip up helmet, body armor, knee pads waterproof
gloves, balaclava they should be coming by UPS soon going to get
the hi viz reflective vest Home Depot is nearby.
One thing I don't see on your list is abrasion protection! Arguably, you need protection from road rash more than almost anything else. (And, falling from a 250cc cruiser feels exactly the same as falling from a 1000cc Japanese sportbike. The asphalt doesn't care what you ride!)

It sounds like you're trying to craft your own protective gear, instead of buying a motorcycle-specific jacket and pants (which would have padding, waterproof-ness, and hi-vis built in).

Take some time and browse a few online shops for gear:

Originally Posted by Bike Holiday View Post
So all that out of the way need a bike I looked at hundreds of
bikes going to take it slow no crotch rockets or heavy bikes
but a lil cruiser to practice on for a while this is where I need
your help
Buying a used bike for your first: VERY good idea.

A lot of your questions may be answered at the following:

In particular, check out:

Buying a used motorcycle

How much will it cost to get started riding?

Parking at Muni Meters

(BTW, NO, you cannot park on the sidewalk. Motorcycles park the same as cars.)

Also, you indicate that you have your permit. I assume you do not yet have your license?:

Getting Legal

Hope this helps!
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