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***EDITORS NOTE: From this point on, the trip became a very different beast. Instead of riding solo and answering to no one’s timetable but that of my bladder and my fuel tank, it became a bit more of a traditional family road trip. We would travel separately during the day (the wife and kids taking the primary highways, and me on the secondaries or whatever I could find), and meeting up again in the evening. I actually got this idea from a former professor of mine who has travelled in a similar way with his family ("How not to score sex, drugs, and country music on a motorcycle")

Susan and the kids did pretty well tenting it. Susan didn’t grow up camping, and hadn’t tented since we had kids. The kids have only ever known the comfort of our trailer for camping. All in all they did pretty well. Susan was pretty resourceful and capable, and apart from a couple of nights in bear-country, they all slept in the tent.

Although the ride report from this point on will focus on the riding I did on the bike, there will still be lots of family stuff. I know, I know … not very ‘ADV’ of me, but it’s what worked for us this year. Resulted in a decent balance of riding some new roads and spending time with the family. -P4S***
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