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Originally Posted by rockydrxrvr View Post
I just retired, so I am new to this, If I pull my trailer into D.V. and it's late, with dark upon us, and all camp grounds are full, can I find a wide spot on a side dirt road in the monument till next morning....or will I get rousted?by a park ranger?
Originally Posted by larryboy View Post
Don't do that, big ticket if you don't camp properly...BLM land in the Panamint Valley you can camp anywhere you want, check your map and make sure you're legal.

Great question, and a knowledgeable response.

Larryboy(IMO) is the most knowledgeable about DV. I have been reading and following his stuff for a long time now. As a beginner to all of this, I would do the same. I have already rolled into DV late one night, and stumbled on to your sceario, the ranger was a cool guy and advised us to just roll into Panamint Spring Camp ground, pay the tab in the morning, and enjoy the environment. We MAY have "accidentally" left a cold beer on the side of the road when we were driving off....

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