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Originally Posted by Cameleer View Post
Got myself a ThrottleMeister but I can't get it to work properly, I'm probably doing something stupid but no idea what it can be. Installed by dealer, full twist but it will not get a grip on the throttle so when released just jumps back to idle as if nothing was there.
Any ideas? Thx
I have T-meisters on both motos in my sig. If the dealer had furnished you the install instructions, you'd have seen that Marker Machine furnishes shim washers of various thickness to adjust "gap" and resulting friction at the fully engaged position. I suggest you remove the throttle side and see what's been used, then proceed from there. If no shims, then the throttle housing must be moved slightly outboard possibly in combo with shim(s). Also suggest using a bit of Loctite Blue (or similar) on the hex bolt after function is where you want it...
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