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Our good friends come for a visit..

Now ya'll have heard me talk about Mark and Charlyne..
AKA HotGlue and FlamingoBabe..

They could only stay a week ....I did my best to be done in the garden while they were here... But still had a few things to put up...
But Char is always there to lend me a hand

After a week of day rides and good food and friendship and conversion.The week flew...

Then we all went to our buddies BBQ for the weekend over in TN...
We only had a 100 plus miles to get to our buddies place so we loaded up the bikes ,ours for the weekend ,HG & FB for there trip back to TX..

Mark checking his GPS

With HB taking point we felt that a cut through the woods was in order for the day..
Passing the Ostrich farm down the road from us..

They that Mark behind me ..

Then at the base of Va 16

We went up Va16 aka Back of the Dragon

Taking pic on the fly...

Then we cut through 91 . And they are working at the bridge still...

Ya have got to love my back yard...

Great views..

On 42 now I do believe ..

There are always cool farms, to take pic of..

One of the by passes that HB likes to take to sneak around some of the small cities..

This looks like the backside of The Snake heading to ETown..(ElizabethTown)

That is a nice curvy road too..

Now it's getting really hot out .. Yeah yeah I know .. His coat is on the bike...

I do beleive we are on 321 .. Charlyne is really enjoying her Spyder..

Mark has now taken point..

We have arrived to our friends place in TN..
Charlyen is once again ready t lend a hand ...
Don't ya just love her Flamingo hat ..

A Spyder pulled this trailer !!!

This cool little dog was there once again..But with red hair in stead of blue from last year..

He rides on the Spyder with his owner..

Also this little fella was there.. A cute Ferret.. And he too rides ...

There was a good size crowd at the BBQ.. HB and I left early and headed back to the hotel..
HG & FB stayed a little longer as it was also a Spyder event..

Looking down the valley in TN..

The next day we rode a little with Mark and Charlyne ,as the day was so nice for early fall...
We had breakfast together ... Then we all went our separate ways..
We will not see them till spring of 2013....
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