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Originally Posted by Dylan.S View Post

* You're Kidding Me right?*
* SNIP *

Since I was in the wilderness had no internet access I opted for the second option "Registration Offline".

So I typed in the long numbers again and proceeded to the second step.
The computer gave me a second number with twelve digits and said..
Please proceed to another computer with internet access and log into the website, type in the twelve digits and close the installation!

What the hell!!!!

How can you possibly call this offline registration??
The one thing of which you can be sure is that it made perfect sense to the site programmer.

I'm still chuckling to myself about the video of you taking a hacksaw to a perfectly good (new?) final drive housing to convert the GS into a long-tail outboard motor. I saw many of those when in the western Pacific many, many years ago, then found that there's something similar in common use in southern Louisiana. There, they're called "Go Devils" but I'm reasonably sure that there are none powered by a bike.

This is a fun RR and I'm ready for more whenever you have time to post.

Rock On!
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