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I bought a bean can 336 about 4 years ago, but ended up using a pre bean motor so had the local cam expert convert a 308 to 336, which included making a set of 'masters'
More recently got him to convert a R65 cam to 336 as well for a 500 race motor project.....and yes the phasing was taken into account....
You can see where material has been added.
Out of curiosity I put the vernier across the lobes and yes there is a taper.
The 336 in the R90 runs ok but I have not been able to get a good idle, not really an issue in a race bike, pulls really well up to the rev limiters cut out 7500. I used to use the tach but they read about 500 rpm high from memory, with the Ignitech you can read the RPM off the laptop during set up.
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