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"If it ain't broke".... 2002 1150GS

My 1150 GS now has 89,000 local miles on it. Commuting and day rides for 10 years. No road trips of any merit, due to work and family stuff. I ride the bike hard. In all kinds of weather.

Question: the bike has never run better. Starts easily, idles nicely, accelerates like a scalded cat. But I haven't had the throttle bodies "synched" recently, or adjusted the valves. Oil changes and fluids changed regularly. Keep good rubber on the big yellow pig. Rub off the dirt when required.

So, if it ain't broke, does that mean the throttle bodies are synched and the valves are fine?

My feeling is that after all the regular maintainence valve adjustments over the years, the valves are now "stretched" about as far as the metal will go, and don't need as frequent adjustment. Foolish self delusion?
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