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Originally Posted by markk900 View Post
Did adding gas make the problem go away? The routing you have will not let you get the last third of the tank, so you could easily have fuel but not be able to use it.

There are a number of routings in various threads but all try to minimize the lift of the hose from the tap to the bowl, and all try to keep the right side line from getting too close to either the head or the exhaust pipe. I used strategically placed zip ties to hold the line in the places I wanted to avoid excess heat.

I don't know what the size of the line is - I just use the clear line (I think 3/8") I get at the hardware store....
I THOUGHT that adding gas and re-routing the fuel pipes had done the trick but I had it running in the garage after changing the oil today and it cut out again and wouldn't start easily.

Took the fuel cap off and it started! me wondering how Acerbis tanks's got a plastic screw on cap with a valve on the end of 2 inches of plastic pipe.

Took a closer look at the valve and it's got a little arrow pointing up (to release excess pressure?)

Pulled the valve out and turned it over so the arrow points down.

At the moment I'm thinking that the valve ISN'T to release pressure....It's the VENT and it let's air in so you don't get a vacuum as you use fuel and it stops fuel coming out when you have a lay down.

It all seems so f**king obvious now....

We'll see............I must change these drugs...
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