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Originally Posted by supershaft View Post
Did you have your 336's ground straight up or advanced 3*? I have no experience getting 336's timed straight up to idle. Advanced 3* I have gotten good idles out of three that I have set up and I have seen good idles out of other 336's as well. I would start with making sure your valves aren't leaking AT ALL. I sure would be sure and time copied grinds to in order to make sure what you got!

Why set your rev limiter so low? Piston speed is super safe until you are real close to 9000rpm. If your valves aren't floating and they shouldn't be with titanium spring retainers, rev it higher for more power. If it isn't making more power up there you still might be able to use the over rev to your advantage at some tracks. 336's have good usable over rev.
Good points,I'm not sure on the advance, have to check with my Guru on that.... I have bugger all experience outside stock setup.
The motor was put together on a real low budget just to see if riding on the track was for me, the valve train is stock at this stage. Been looking at SS Manley valves ( lighter), titanium retainers and beehive springs.Another 1000 rpm would sure be useful, would be able to stay in front of the featherbed Dominator 850 after passing him on the corner under brakes....
Had a good season with the old girl, surprised quite a few, expecially the Harleys.
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