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Originally Posted by Albie View Post
I would rather have the 690 as well. But then I actually have one. It's spent most of the 27K miles I've racked up on it with the 17" wheels.

When I first read your post about track riding I thought you meant a MX track which is the reason I mentioned the smaller bikes. The 690 would great for a road race track. I had mine out at Eagles Canyon Raceway before which isn't a great motard track and it was still a lot of fun. My track bike at the time SXV 550 and the 690 actually handled a little bit better then the Ape, it just couldn't touch it on HP though.
gotcha. yea, your earlier suggestions did get me looking into the Husky TE bikes. If I did go the Husky route it would probably be the TE511 you mentioned. I will probably be test riding a 449 soon just to see what they are like. but I am almost certain I will be going for the 690.
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