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Domromer, You would be doing yourself a great disservice if you shied away from GS based on any of the opinions expressed here.

You added more to your specification such as the miles you intend to ride as the thread progressed. The pros and cons of your three GS choices pretty much apply to any vehicle purchase. Its your money, nobody can spend it for you.

The easiest choice of all would seem to be trying a used 11xx because of the very low commitment and easy resale. Look/ride as many as you can. Inspect before you buy. Lots of pre-purchase advice threads here. Few if any of the repair issues are sudden death. My biggies are check for seal leakage, ease of shifting, absence of metal flake in the oils, bent rims, brakes, clutch and controls, highway test for acceleration and smoothness. After you've met a few owners you'll be able to tell what kind of use and maintenance the machine had. Risk of getting stuck is very low if you do your diligence.
For friends that I have advised we always consider older well maintained because they have already fully depreciated. More than once I've said "buy the farkles for the asking price... you're getting the mc for free". Bring cash and don't waiver if all checks out.

It doesn't seem that you have anything to loose by trying out the 11xx before proceeding to 1200 if that's what you want.

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Just go buy a used 1150/1100. Parts for the piece of shit will be available for the next 40 years. you will be out 5K fully optioned out, bags, lights, all kinds of non essental trinkets. Best $ for $ 5K spent.

any shade tree hack can rebuild em

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VR chooses to not read well. I use for 1 year for the most part as I ride a lot. I choose to ride with warranty since I ride in Europe a good bit and if something were to go wrong, I choose not to pay the Euro rate for repairs....
D-m Marty! I agreed with your wisdom! Especially if riding many miles and why not benefit from the low interest rares? Summary of my opinion Don't risk $12k on a mc with no warranty. That's just me, pay $5-6k used max or just buy new. Newer is not always better i.e. don't buy a 2005 over a 2001 just because its newer. Buy on actual condition more than odometer. On that last point, well that is what newbies have the hardest time with because they are not familiar enough to judge quality.
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