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Re-tool the twin or sell?

I'm looking to do more off-roading in the near future (an increase from almost none), but I need to decide which of my current bikes to abuse, if either. I have little such experience so whatever I use is going to get beat up.

I currently have a 2010 650 twin, which is not set-up for dirt at the moment. It would need to be fitted with proper tires and engine guards, which I figure will run about $800. I also have a new 1200GS. No way I'm cutting my teeth off-road with that.

So, I'm debating whether I refit the twin or sell it and buy a proper 250cc or 450cc dirt bike. I'm leaning to the latter even though it might be a more expensive route because it would probably be easier to learn on one of those, and I won't mind beating the crap out of it.

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