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Can I make my own windscreen?

Who's your Daddy?

I got tired of getting cold this week. Temps fell into the 30's (deg F).

I've been incubating my Noodle for about 2 weeks, in preparation for this eventuality. Okiehoma isn't quite far enough south to attract many Yankee Snowbirds, and our warm weather luck seems to have run out.

So today, I started tinkering in the mad Highfive Laboratory again. I must honestly admit I've been Jones'n for that BigDog Trashcan Screen. I'm digging the simplicity and cost effectiveness, not to mention the matching white color scheme. BUT, I've kind of taking a liking to seeing things out front. The Terra provides such a nice view over the front wheel.

Not content to fork out any new cash (like BigDog did for his Trashcan mod). Nope…not me. I confined my search within the four walls of the garage where, somehow unbeknownst to me, a strange plethora of spare parts has been growing like mold. I have no earthly idea how it got here.

"Honest Sweet Thang, somebody dumped this stuff and just left it lay. Like this junky old useless excuse of a KLR windscreen."

"Look around dear….do you see a KLR in my garage? No, I didn't think so. Run along now….its about to get messy in here!"

Happy to be done whittling, I'm pleased how it turned out....surprised actually. Wasn't sure I had it in me. I may finally have to re-sharpen my Kershaw knife!

I cut the acrylic with a dremmel, sanded the edges, carefully drilled mounting holes (the hardest part), and used two different sizes of nylon spacers underneath to mate the surfaces…plus give it a bit of a forward tilt. This particular screen has a nice laminar lip to help push the air up a little further. There were a few (previous) mounting holes that I plugged up with grommets and nylon screws.

Perfect day to test my handiwork, as its 38 degrees outside. Made it real easy to feel where the wall of air was, since it was biting cold.

Does it work?

Like a skunk stinks!

I'm sitting in a fairly calm pocket of calm air at 70 mph. On the sides, the wind is coming around at the handgrips. Easy to tell, because I don't have any handguards yet. Over the top, the wind is hitting me in the center of my forehead. There is no significant force, as I can easily turn my head side to side. I wore my Shoei Hornet with a visor, and there is no significant wind pressure on my head….just some buffeting noise. The windscreen is not tall enough to pass the wind completely above my head.

It is really nice to get all the cold wind off my chest, shoulders, and face entirely! I'll probably tinker with the spacer sizes to let a little more wind underneath the bottom….and see if that breaks up the buffeting noise at my forehead. Its actually quite close to being very satisfactory. Not too bad for a first attempt, me thinks.

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