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EWS! error ..... damn!

Hi Folks

Just had some challenges with my scoot today (2010 r1200gs)

Got the EWS! error and the little (happy) yellow triangle.

Trouble is - this usually means that the ring antenna is kaput - and your bike won't start. Well I was having the opposite problem - and my bike wouldn't shut down.

I could even take the key out of the ignition - and she'd still be running. Once or twice, I'd hit the kill switch on the right hand side, and she;d still keep on goin'.....

I took a spin round to my dealers so the lads there could take a look - and they were closed for year end stock taking - not open till next week.

when I got home, I could kill the engine - but even removing the key completely, would leave the lights on - in the end I had to disconnect the neg terminal on the battery to kill the circuits completely.

One other point of note - was there was a little black box - LHS - about even with your left calf when sitting on the bike. It has two lines going down to the exhaust flappy unit (sorry, I'm not a wrench) - well it kept going through some sort of cycle - making repeating noises like a small electric servo motor was turning slowly around - pausing - then repeating ..... - sounded as though it never quite completed its cycle, so it would just repeat, over and over ...... when I wiggled it, it would cause the headlamp to go on and off. strange.

Is there anything I can do meantime to facilitate some sort of repair (or more detailed fault identification) or should I just leave it to the pros and take her into the shop.....

Ideas would be welcome - while I go open a bottle of red and try not to get all aggitated
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