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Used my Stop and Go today for the first time on my farm quadbike(Honda TRX420 Rancher)

Had a 4" nail stuck in the rear tyre and all i did was load the plugger as per instructions, pulled the nail out quickly, stuck the plugger in the hole and wound the allen key then pulled the plugger off the plug and pulled the plug a bit with pliers i dont think i even lost a psi in the process.

Only mistake was pulling the plug too much when i trimmed it so it pinged back in the tyre........DOH!

Stuck another plug in the tyre and didn't pull it when i trimmed it and it seems to have worked fine..........There's only 5psi in the quadbike tyre but it's holding pressure so far after a couple of days use.

I carry a 'de boxed' compressor aswell but i'm making a wee cover for the drive incase i trim my fingernails with it!

Haven't used the strings so i can't comment but i'm no stranger to repairing tyres on my tractors and other farm machinery.

My only concern so far is that there isn't sufficient pressure in a quadbike tyre(5psi) compared to a motorbike tyre(38-42psi) to hold the mushroom head against the wall of the tyre but time will tell..........I can always take the tyre off and patch the hole.

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