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Originally Posted by Wraith Rider View Post
Obviously we have someone here who thinks motorcycling should be outlawed.

In about 100,000 miles there was one foreign object impact that would have been able to cause me trouble if I was helmetless. But then that was at triple the speed than I would ride without a helmet. Also a hit to the body could as well lead to an accident, but there's no law for full armor.

That's a contradiction in itself. Take a look at Bobby's figures about motorcyclist injuries and fatalities. No one in a sane state of mind could "choosing to ride" call "doing reasonable things to mitigate risk".

One, are you being intentionally thick or trying to use hyperbole to prove a(n incorrect) point? You know that's not what I'm trying to say. Yet, you typed those words anyway.

Two, in this forum there are a lot of people who ride a lot of miles a year. You're statistics mean nothing. Lots of us have taken a whack to the head with a stone or other object thrown up.

Most importantly, your logic is a miserable failure.

HEAD INJURIES-- not injuries to the body-- are the most dangerous, most lethal sort of injury to a motorcycle rider-- to a skateboarder, a hockey player, a cyclist. Which is why helmets are the focus here and there.

So here we have the facts, short and to the point:
Motorcycle riding is a dangerous manner of getting around.
There are some risks greater than others--including head injuries.
We should always attempt, if we care about our families, our health, our financial solvency, our career, or just being able to watch the footie match with a beer in our hand, to reduce these risks as much as possible.

To say, as you assert, that we can't remove all risk and therefore we shouldn't attempt to reduce a very clear, very dangerous, sometimes easily averted injury by wearing a helmet is absolute hog anus.

Not all accidents are survivable, even with the best kit.
But some, indeed most, are survivable.
We must do what we can to survive those accidents with as little injury as possible.
For the good of our loved ones, our personal health, and the civil society of which we are a part. (or not, depending on your locale)
"So what makes this protest different is that you're set to die, Bobby?"
--May well come to that.
"You start a hunger strike to protest for what you believe in. You don't start already determined to die or am I missing somethin' here?"
-- It's in their hands. Our message is clear. They're seeing our determination.
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