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Originally Posted by Reddoggie View Post
A few years ago Adams County installed traffic lights at every intersection along Tower Road to "influence" people to use 470. THAT was a scam finally uncovered and rectified.
On rare occasions I find the cost worth the time saved but it's more often due to my lack of self discipline to leave home when I need to.
Save a few bucks or a few minutes.
When did this happen? I have been living next to the north end of Tower road for years now and the only red light that is totally useless from 120th Ave down to Colfax is the one between the Canopy parking and USA parking. Where are the others? They are certainly not at every intersection unless you are talking about Tower road south of Mississippi. That part of Tower is more residential.

Originally Posted by docwyte View Post
Adding the stop lights and lowering the speed limits on routes running parallel to E470 was in the contract signed by the municipalities that E470 went through for the exact reason you said, to try to force people onto E470. It's now owned by a private company, not a state or county municipality.

I take it to DIA during rush hour because it's always empty, otherwise I avoid it at all costs.
The speed limit on Tower is 45 and I'm gonna say the average speed is more like 55 everyday. What did it use to be anyone know?

I probably live closer to an E-470 exit than most here and we hardly ever use it. I can count on 1 hand the amount of times either my Wife or I have used the road in the past 5 years. I can see people from out of town getting duped if they are using a GPS in a rental but if they just change the settings to avoid toll roads that wouldn't be a problem either.
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