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Originally Posted by doyle View Post
No, as I understand it, they are developing a new/revised bike testing the EFI now. Coma is said to continue and then may move into a management or team owner role. KTM has been wildly successful in rally and they are keen to continue that but it remains to be seen how long they can hold off HRC or Husky. KTM is reacting a little late to developing new talent to replace Despres and Coma for the long term. They started with Aubert, Balooshi, and Zanol last year but I guess weren't happy with their progress. From what I gather, Aubert wanted to do Dakar again, but KTM suggested he pay the $100K customer price for a competitive ride. That says the world about how much they see him as a future rally rider.

We'll see how Caselli gets on with it. He may be great, I am not sure about his worldwide appeal for the future of KTM though. Rally is just not big enough in the US that I can see a US winner becoming a global star like Coma or Despres.

Wasn't Taddy Blazusiak hangin out on a Dakar bike last year. Talk about an Alien.

What about Bubba on a Rally bike...that would be a hoot!

I'm a huge rally fan, but don't see rally ever being extremely popular in the USA. The fact is it's a big boy (adult) sport that requires big boy dollars and requires big land. It's not very family oriented like MX or Enduro or Hare Scramble racing, with classes for the kids, the wife and the hubby.
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