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Originally Posted by jules083 View Post
I have a Coyote that I use on my XR, I just stole the heat shield for temporary KLR use. The Coyote itself doesn't fit the KLR right, like you said.

I kicked around getting a Great Basin, but I ended up ordering the Wolfman luggage with the Happy Trails rack, It was cheaper than the GB and seems to get good reviews on here. The thing that turned me away from the GB is that is seems like the Wolfman bags will give me a lot more flexibilty to strap stuff on top. They haven't came in yet, so I can't comment one way or the other on them.

Like you said the Coyote is great to have, and I plan on keeping it around even if I sell the XR. I'm sure I'll always have some sort of bike that the coyote fits on.
Okay, that's about where I am. The coyote is very versatile for using one other peoples bikes, I will definitely be keeping it. I'm currently leaning toward dirtbagz over a Wolfman setup or a Great Basin, but only due to price. I think I'd like the wolfman setup the most, I'm not thrilled by the racks on the dirtbags, and the idea of straps over the seat isn't one I like either, but I think maybe the HT Mojave is the only reasonably priced bags without them.
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