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KTM warranty repair process?

I've been having some intermittent issues with the LCD display on my '10 990 Adventure so I shot some video of the problem, emailed it to local dealer and he says bring it in we'll need to look at it. OK, sounds reasonable. I roll over there a few days later and the problem isn't really showing but you can see some of the LCD segments flickering.

Service manager says we need to pull the unit off and send it to KTM for testing, it is unknown how long that will take. If they order a replacement part and ship back a working speedo then I'll be charged for a new one... it's $630.

I don't think this is a reasonable request.

Has anyone ever been in a situation where they had to ship parts back to the KTM factory to be tested before a warranty would be honored? Is this a standard practice?

I've not had any warranty claims with KTM before.
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