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I *just* got back from my local combo BMW/Triumph dealer and was the first customer to sit on their new Trophy back to back with a '12 RT. I didn't have my gear with me (wasn't expecting them to have it), so I didn't get a ride. I'll be back next week to demo the RT and Trophy.

The Trophy looks and feels like a bigger bike. You are very aware of the extra heft when going on and off the side and center stands, although the CG doesn't seem to bad. The fairing is larger and looks like a 1-piece, where the RT has the 2-piece look, which makes it look a little smaller. The fairing is a little taller and wider at the top - more square than the RT. Bar ergos are very well set up for covering a lot of miles - lots of pull back on the bars, requiring essentially no reach forward. The windscreen has a LOT of travel. The gauges and main display are large and easy to read. The radio switch gear seems a little fussy - a big box mounted inboard of the "regular" left switchgear

The RT felt a little smaller and lighter, trimmer in the fairing. I didn't feel like the RT was lacking in wind protection, so I'm surprised that the Trophy's fairing was wider all around. Some of little details on the RT seemed better designed and executed, but its clear it is an older design.

I'll post riding impressions next week, but its clear that BMW has direct competition for the RT, and hopefully they are paying attention with the RT's redesign for the water boxer motor.
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