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It was nice to get away from the festivities of San Juan for a few nights. The holidays give a lot of excuses to go out and have beers. You also start to know everyone in a small town like that. All travelers in this area are hitting the same hot spots.

Ometepe, as is the theme with many other places I could have stayed another day or two. Would have been good to hike one of the volcanos but I got feel for the place in two night.

on our way there.

Waiting for our "ferry"

we loaded our bikes on the top of this thing, using a plank. It was totally sketchy and awesome. And to everyone it is no big deal.

The pictures will always remind me of experiences like this but will never truly capture the moment for those who look at them. Pushing those bikes across those wood planks was priceless.

from the mainland to the island

Barrage of volcano pics

A ride around the island almost all dirt.

Ometepe local

the team

waterfall hike

The last pic of the three amigos. It was a teary sunset for the Canadians! It might have been the best 11 days of their life getting all my wisdom and entertainment! Haha jk We all had a great time and thanks to Mihal and Pawel for all the laughs. See you in Colombia

We made sure to catch a legit ferry back to the mainland. Once on the small boat is an experience twice is just a lot of work and increasing the odds of your bike ending up in Lake Nica

you can pretty much do whatever you want in Nica. Like hangout on the loading ramp of a ferry while in the middle of the lake.

Again the hard like of an adventure motorcyclist.

Off Costa Rica for me and back to San Juan for Team Smokescreen after a farewell brunch in Rivas.
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