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There are enough so-called double standards to go around, as noted before. Unfortunately for the purist liberty lovers, there is no such thing as individual-only consequence in the case of a helmet law. We will never live in a country where we just leave folks to die on the road if not wearing a helmet (though strangely we do this very thing in other instances having to do with people like the homeless). Even if one were to further "incentivize" with insurance or further denial of coverage, it would all just continue to be paid by society, regardless. How many more homeless or impoverished do we want to keep. There is a huge gray area here. Not saying it's ideal (what is?). I just can't seem to get worked up about it in the face of so many other larger threats. It's wiser to pick your battles in the face of so many other attacks and threats to motorcycling and riders. I am for the idea of personal liberty in concept, but, like so many other concepts, the practical realities become unrealistic within the context of a larger "civilized" society.

Set em on an ice flow? Sure, I'm game. Never happen.

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