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Originally Posted by vintagerider View Post
You are jumping ahead. What mutiplicity says sucks. Fluid does not need to be disturbed to inspect the two seals and bearing. While it is very likely that you will blow or suck in the process of replacing the slave or fluid, an inspection alone requires neither.

As I've said several times, all the work is in removing the wheel, shock and muffler. Either drop the left fork tube or disconnect the banjo from the handlebar. Free the bleed line from the frame then remove the three hex bolts which mount the slave (very easy). Withdraw slave. Done.

In the event that anxiety over removing the slave delayed your response you may have additional work to replace the clutch. Not worth speculating over. Take it one step at a time.

when bleeding is not self evident:
The bleed hose terminates in a BMW "speed fill" assembly which is zip tied to the RS of the frame. This barrel contains ball bearing and a spring. The bearing will be somewhat seized in the opening if sys hasn't been bled in a while. poke it with a drift

opt A: remove the speed fill adapter and replace with a conventional 10mm x 1 bleed nipple from the auto parts. You will knead a pencil flame torch to melt the thread lock on the speed adapter

opt b: retain speed fill adapter. fit the 10x1 adapter in the speed fill adapter. Cause it to depress the ball bearing but do not drive it so that the ball obstructs the other (inner opening) of the speed fill adapter. i.e. tun it just a little so that the ball is half way though it's travel.

either method will allow fluid to flow out of the bleed hose. Blow, suck or let it drain by gravity. It doesn't really matter. Watch the paint.

I was repling directly to his question, not the entire process. Don't act like a little retarded school girl. Thanks.
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