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Originally Posted by trespalacios View Post
Hey Bryce, unless you're not riding back to the States you'll have to go through Colombia again, whether you come in from Ecuador or Venezuela. You can take your chances but it might come back to bite you later.

On a side note I went on a motorcycle camping trip yesterday. Light sleet and snow but no fear as i had some aguardiente in a flask. And the big meal you ate is called "bandeja paisa"

Feliz anio!!!
egh, I think I'm just going to skip out of here. I talked to mike about it from Motolombia today, he told me that the cops were probably looking for a bribe and when I didn't broach the subject and played stupid, they just gave me the paperwork. He said that it probably won't ever make it into the system and if it did it wouldn't be in till after the holidays anyways.

I don't really want to wait around here till after the first, so I'll just keep going. If they ask for money at the border, I'll pay up. I'll be flying back from Argentina or possibly Brazil, so I won't have to worry about crossing Colombia again on this trip. And if I ever come back I'll just pay the fine or get a new passport with a new number.

The aguardiente was an interesting drink. Not my first choice in alchol, but not bad either. Salud!
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