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Originally Posted by crashmaster View Post
In Brasil, un-beknownst to me, there were speed cameras everywhere. I didnt see them, so when I saw the sign for "speed camera" in Portuguese, I had no clue, so I kept riding like my normal hooligan self, but I was wondering why the local riders and drivers were going so slow in sections and honking and waving at me because I was passing them at probably 3 times the posted limit, like they were going in reverse. Thousands of miles later when I finally figured it out, I had probably, I dont know, 30,000 or 40,000 DOLLARS, maybe quite a bit more, of speeding tickets attached to my bike. The Brazilian guys I told this story to just laughed their asses off and told me to let them know how it all worked out when I crossed into French Guiana at Oiapoque. My good friend Fernando in Ilhabela was a little more jaded, and bet me a dollar that no one would be the wiser. He was right. I owe him a dollar, and I have to go back to Ilhablela to pay it, which I am really looking forward to doing.

When I crossed the border at Oiapoque, Brasil, into French Guiana, no one said shit at the Brazilian Aduana when I checked out.
Wow. That' incredible. $40,000?!? Now that's a hell of a story. I'm surprised they didn't have old fashioned "wanted dead or alive" posters up for your KTM.
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