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First off, the short and the sweet, OEM pan gasket, clean dry surface, no sealant. Careful to not over tighten the bolts. The threads in the Aluminum are easy to strip and these in particular are popular threads to strip. If any of them are stripped then repair immediately with Heli Coil. (there are alternative repair systems if you like, I use Heli Coil) If you have never done a thread repair or don't know what a stripped thread looks like then ask some more.

The oil filter has small rubber seals on both ends. Or are you talking about the large black O-ring or the large white O-ring or the metal O-shaped shim? To learn about oil filters go to Anton's pages and read;

We call it The $2000 O-ring. At today's prices it will run more like about $3000 but the name is The $2000 O-ring. It is that important. If you have trouble understanding what is going on with the oil filter and what this page is about do not start the bike until it is clear and you have performed the necessary operation.
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