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If you stop and read this whole thread over again, there are really only 2 dissentors here opposed to 4 pages of other folks encouraging you to, at the VERY least, go ride and or buy one.

kaspilo {sp} has some personal sour grapes that are unsubstatiated and polar opposite to 40+ other posters. Vintagerider is not even saying NOT to buy a GS. He is just encouraging not to buy a near new one, but rather to guy a GS or GSA....just an older one.

If you take kaspilo out of this thread {not that his opinions are invalid, they are what they are...HIS opinions} virtually EVERYONE is saying what the heck, we love ours, buy one.

Which year, make and model is purely you choice. Buying one or not buying one is your choice.

But posting this thread to as you say "talk myself INTO buying one" and then say it is having the opposite effect really says to me that you never WANTED one. Everyone except kaspilo is saying they love THEIR BMW, which ever model that is. Many are saying they have had many and loved them ALL. Virtually everyone is admitting that there is some maintanance cost and some have had repair issues, but virtually all are still saying the overall cost of ownership is still a value and well worth it on the FUN and performance per dollar chart......I do not see how this could be talking you OUT of one.

One sour grape in a whole cluster of sweet and tasty grapes does not ruin the grape experience.

Buy what you want, ride what you want....a GS is a GREAT choice to get what you want though.
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