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I'm curious how you make this economic model work for you. Would you mind explaining it with more numbers? I'm not setting you up to argue, I really just don't see the logic. Help me out.

From the data I can get from your post, you've:

Bought seven GS's over the course of roughly 14 years. They weren't all $20k each, but maybe I'll make this easier for myself by saying they were... So the first was $20k, and over three years with depreciation and mileage (you say 40k) you had to have sold for at least $3k less than you bought...I'd estimate $4k, but I'll give you the benefit of $3k. So, $3k*7 we are now at $21k you've paid in mileage and depreciation, plus the original $20k for the first bike, that's $41k.

I admit I haven't ridden my 2006 for 14 years (duh). Nor 280k miles (40k each * 7 bikes), but I still don't get it. A FD (even at your $2k estimate), driveshaft, and clutch should only get you to $5k maximum. Far from the $20k for a new bike, or even the $10-15k for a used GS. Granted, I don't have a new bike every two years. I don't feel a need for that, either, but they are easier to sell if you ever need to.

Also, I don't understand how financing is a compelling're still paying more for the bike than paying cash, how is that a good thing? That means over the last 14 years you've had $20k financed at a few percent, nearly all the time. Ok, maybe an average of $15k considering you'd be paying the loan down...

Help me out with your logic here.

Originally Posted by vintagerider View Post
Domromer, You want to buy a used GS and ask about repair costs. It seems like you have three options: new, late model used or an 1150.
I personally love the 1100 but the gear box can be an issue. Still I wouldn't pass up a really nice one if the price was right.

Consider the extra cost of tax, registration and insurance on newer models.

IMO 12k is way,way too much to spend on a used GS with no service contract. Plenty of 1200 owners on these pages give the view that buying a new GS today is as much about buying the service agreement and support as buying the mc.

[I have bought -seven- new GS and sold them all (about 40k mi)]

Think about that.

Subsidized financing via 2 da moon stimulus is compelling value on buying new with warranty.

Jim Moore points out that its a game of chance. I'm in agreement that if an 1150 has gone 70k with no major issues and has many new parts then you may very well have another 70k to go with little or no major repairs on this model.

With a 40k miler all those things may be coming your way. All its gonna take is a FD, drive shaft, clutch and not much more to be at the cost of new on the used 1200. If you have to sell you could take a real beating on a four year old 1200.

Everything requires repair sooner or later. Don't buy in to the bs that the BMW never needs parts. If you need a crown bearing on an 11xx you'll be out $100 and can repair roadside. On a 1200 its $2,000 + lost time since the 1200 FD overhaul is much more difficult. Supplies of used 11xx FD assemblies are good- more savings.

If you buy new and ride your dream for two years how much does that cost after resale? At least one poster went that route 7 times.

If you buy 3-4 year old 1200 and bear the cost of several major repairs?

If you buy a clean 1150 for $5k and invest $2k in parts over 2 years then sell for $4,500 (plus savings on insurance, tax, license)? The challenge here is doing a very thorough inspection. I've come no where near the $2k but needed neither clutch nor re-seal.

Everyone's going to have a different opinion. For any potential model visit the dealer micro fiche pages for typical parts cost. The 2000-2002 1150 is less complex. No stick coils for example. If engine and power train checks out and the owner has already replaced brake rotors, clutch, starter, hydraulics and cosmetics are good then this is the obvious deal imo.

1200's are more nimble and have other advantages but you won't miss any joy on 11xx. Ride several of each before you decide.
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