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What memories the sound of that CT brought back. I ran about on a DT2 for about a year down here in the woods, rice fields, etc. I always smile when seeing pictures of the General Store at Oark. I remember the first time I stumble on it in '95 , hunting for Devils Den Campground and two old guys that used to work for CCC had me sit at the single table back then, behind the counter. Drew me a map on how to get there. I was on a " 95 R11GS then. Through the years , the place has turned into a cafe' more than a general store but still pass there when I'm in the neighborhood on what ever bike I happen to be on.
Loved the way you let your excitement and dissappoinment show in your writtings. Made the reading more interesting. Love the Vids. Ya'll lucked out on the fast, high water crossing. Easy to loose a bike and or your life there. Course, I'm a solo traveler so gotta be more careful on what I do out there.
Thanks for all the work to share this great report.
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