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I hope everyone had a good last week or so! After a wonderful Christmas and good times with family and friends (and with Santa having brought me a new pair of moor'sickle boots ), I'm ready to get back to this...

After crossing the Columbia back into into Washington near the town of Albino Salmon, having spent nowhere near enough time in the hood (I'll be back!), I headed west on the Lewis and Clark Highway towards Carson:

The Lewis and Clark Hwy. was definitely smooth! Sometime, I'll have to hop on it in the 'Couv and ride it all the way over to Plymouth, and then maybe continue on into Idaho...

The mouth of the Wind River:

Cruising along serenely and enjoying the views of the Columbia, I hung a left on Wind River Road and headed north through Carson. It didn't take long to find something that needed to be investigated :

I stopped for a few and looked around, enjoying the quiet of the forest and listening to the burbling of the water, thinking that maybe I should camp here sometime...

Wind River Road was as smooth as aged cheddar (with a jug of Carlos Rossi to wash it down) and looked like this:

After carving it up for awhile and gaining elevation with each passing yard, the time had come... and by that, I mean I really had to pee!

Perfect place to stop:

After sweet relief at 3000' on Oldman Pass (what's that sound? Nothing!!! ), I hopped back on the ghost and continued down the road:

Wind River Road soon turned into Meadow Creek and before I knew it, I was hanging a left on Curly Creek and making my way towards NF-90, NF-25 and Mt. St. Explody top.

There was plenty to stop and admire along the way...

The 25 road was turning into a hoot, and on a Tuesday afternoon, was more deserted then the salad bar at a chili cook-off. It was a blast and reminded me of one of my favorite CW McCall Songs :

I had never been on the 25 road before, and was really looking forward to riding it up past St. Helens, which believe it or not, I'd also never seen up close in over two decades of living in Warshington. The 25 road quickly became my friend, with incredible views, twisty pavement, and dual-sport friendly frost heaves.

Then the beast came into view:

I sat on the rock wall at the Clearwater viewpoint enjoying seeing the mountain. Several months before, I was lucky to go up with a friend in his beautiful early '70s Beechcraft Bonanza (a V35B for you wingnuts) and even though the below photos aren't related to this ride, I've come to find that flying in light-aircraft (especially when grass landings are involved) can be just as much of an adventure, so here are a few of those photos:

Spirit Lake:

I was still a few years away from being a gleam in anyone's eye in 1980, so I can only imagine what it was like to have a Volcano erupt so close to home...

Mt. St. Helens thoroughly admired, I continued on, and saw this sign:

Well duh!!!! I'm sure the people of Pompeii would've appreciated a sign like this too...

Da nordwords dontcha know!

A good day to be on the river:

It seemed that each curve brought better views with it, so stopping and snapping a few was mandatory:

I came upon Iron Creek Falls, and needing to stretch my legs, went and took a look:


Another new bridge...

... and I can see why!

Randle was on the horizon, and I remember her well from visiting a buddy who lived up here for a couple of summers while working for the Forest Service:

I came upon this road, and as tempted as I was to sneak around the barricades, I knew that would be a bad idea if there ever was one:

Soon the Big Bottom Valley came upon me and the roads straightened out as the speed limit rose:

The Cowlitz:

...and downtown Glenoma :

Highway 12 was as quiet as ever and in a blink of an eye I was in Morton, well into reserve and in need of gas... Little did I know that after stopping at the Chevron station and being suckered in by the hot-case near the cash register, I'd be getting two kinds of gas in Morton. Gross post aside, that gas station corn-dog was delicious!

It was also the XT's tenth birthday:

Of all of the buildings in Lewis County, I'd like to have this one the most to use as a shop. It was fixed up beautifully a few years back, and then abandoned just as quickly . I wonder what it was in the past...

Then I was jonesing for a Scale Burger, but Elbe shuts down early, so no burger for me. I've never been hungry when this place was actually open, but I hear (could be wrong) that the owner is a grump, but makes darn fine burgers.

Ye ol' Hobo Inn. If you've ever wanted to spend the night in a Caboose, this is your place:

... and the only new structure in Elbe that's been built in my lifetime:

I was planning to get back into town via the twisties of Hwy 7, but was denied as I went past Alder Lake:

Soon I was back into the quiet town of Eatonville. I continue to mourn the loss of one of my favorite restaurants, Tall Timbers, which folded awhile back. One of the best things after a long weekend of camping would be stopping there and grabbing a 1/2lb. logger burger with a mound of fries as big as your head. They also always had the perfect cup of coffee, smooth, dark but not bitter or burnt... Alas, never again.

Eventually, everything has to end, and just as quick as the trip had started, I was back in my driveway.

Tired and happy, with four days on two wheels... how much better does it get?

Thanks for coming along for the ride everyone! I think the next big ride for me will be over to Eastern Oregon in June; I've always wanted to see Hell's Canyon.
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