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But if I bought a car for recreational exploits - the sole purpose of most motorcycles - no amount of me adding character and excitement to my Ford is going to make it a Ferrari Maranello.
I guess that is the key and the difference between us - recreation is not the sole purpose of my motorcycles, merely a bonus. But as for turning your Ford into a Ferrari... oh yes, you could. All you need to do is use the public transport for a couple of weeks and I'd bet you'll be more excited to get behind the wheel of your Ford than any Ferrari classic.

When you give toys to young children they are just as likely to play with the box and a piece of string as the actual toy you bought. But when they grow older, they are no longer happy with the box and a piece of string - now they want an iphone. And not just any iphone, it has to be the latest model and just like the one their friends have! When I read you guys complaining about your boring bikes I think of those bored, shallow teens... and I think that your bikes are not boring - you've just lost your ability to enjoy.
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