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Originally Posted by Konflict Motorsports View Post
There's no need to buy a new shock. If you need the bike back to stock height, the internal spacer can be taken out to raise it. Should only cost around the price of a shock service ($100.00 + or -).
According to the PO, the shaft was cut down on the shock (can that even be done?).

I know nothing about the internal workings of rear shocks, so I'm just going by what he said Three Brothers said they did. They apparently told him whatever they did to it cannot be undone. I have no idea why they would have told them it cannot be undone if it's as simple as removing an internal spacer.. Doesn't make sense. I hope it's an easy fix, and I'm calling them on Wed to see if in fact it can be undone. It would be great if it can.

If I get lucky and it's just a spacer, and the cost of a shock service, then I not only learned something, but I saved a ton of money not buying a new assembly (thanks to you guys giving me some good advice).

The front forks haven't been touched. Just the rear was altered.
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