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Originally Posted by villageidiot View Post
What a night of racing.

I would have hoped/expected more from Tomas gollob. Packed house. Top notch talent.

Thanks Kelly Inman and monster energy for a great show

Gollob dont ride tracks that small. He looked like he was fighting it a lot any time he tried to go quick. He pretty much just gave away any position he had. I has standing down at the bottom when he left. still had his suit on and carrying his helmet he did not look to happy.

My two favorite riders had to be Kennet and Lindback. Lindback had a rough start of the meet but seemed like the only guy trying to make the outside work other than maybe Hancock.

Kennet rode hard and was really trying to win races not just parade around. It looked like he made a mistake in the semi or had a failure and was bummed he did not make the main. I felt the same about Hans Andersen he seemed to really by trying but having a hard time with the track, I actually talked to him for a bit after the races he has not been on a bike for 2 months and wrestling with that bike and track seemed to have wore him out a bit.

It was nice to see Austin Novratil get to get some laps in as a reserve and score points. Austin has a bright future the kids rides smart and has skill and seems to get better and better every time I see him ride. Too bad he was a reserve. Gino Manzares was trying way to hard and I think only completed one lap the entire night. That kid was looking dangerous.

All in all it was a good night. I got to meet Lindback, Anderson, Kennet, Nichols and Lindgren and had a great time

Thanks to Kelly Inman, Monster Energy and everybody at Indusrty for putting this thing on
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