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Will it buff out?
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The moto will be just fine for hard pack and gravel and the weather there will not be too hot. A good piste to do would be from Ouarzazate to Zagora,where the Suzook would cope OK with the going. There's no deep sand and it's all 'stone lanes'.

Buy a 'camel bak' type water back pack...(I use the €25 ones you can buy in Decathlon on my enduro moto) My 'Adventure' jacket has one integrated . Drink whilst on the move and you'll never get thirsty.

The reason I head south is for the weather and the pistes,but you'll find,with only 5 days there that you might only get as far as e.g. Ouarzazate.(which is suffice for your timeframe)

If you check and click on Directions you'll find it will be able work out distances and times from larger towns within Maroc. This should assist you to work out some sort of a rough game plan .

Also if you have a look at will give you information on each town in Maroc.

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