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Originally Posted by bobinaustin View Post
so im planning on bleeding he clutch but im getting conflicting information on time it might take to do and i cant seem to find the bleeder valve on my bike?

and on the wisdom article there is a pic of it here, which seems to be on the other side of the bike. neither place seems to have the valve on my bike as far as i can see.

obviously im missing where the valve is. anyone with an 1150gs that has done this in recent memory please help!
This picture is from the right hand side of the bike, and is just above the passenger footrest (manual refers to the same location, you're looking through the bike). If you cut the tywrap you see above in the foto, the hose and endfitting will drop down/can be lowered. The end fitting is enclosed in the foam you see. The end cap can be removed then (be carefull, loctite is probably present). Then a bleed screw has to be inserted for the flushing.
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