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It seems "boring" as some define it here is simply the wrong type of bike for the riders personality. Some ride for excitement, some for the social or lifestyle aspect, I just want to get out and go without being in a box.
I'm not an enthusiast, I'm a rider, it's not that certain bikes are "boring" per say, it's just that some have traits that diminish the riding experience.

For me, RR sport bikes are "boring", they just aren't suitable for the kind of riding I like to do. Riding them as they are intended makes as much sense as going to a 5 star restaurant and ordering a Power Bar and Gatoraid. I want to savor the entire experience, not rush through it.

I also find custom cruisers "boring", they have too many compromises to style that interfere with riding. Riding is a physical experience, nothing wrong with wanting a bike to look good, but not to the point the riding experience suffers.

I like "boring" bikes with character, bikes that don't excel at any one use but can be used for anything, Bikes that have personality but don't have annoying flaws, bikes that have that certain "je ne sais quoi" that makes them interesting and engaging.

Out of the 20+ bikes I have owned, 2 stand out, my Ural Patrol, and the KRS RZ350 I had back in the 80's. I have had all kinds of bikes and got enjoyment from all of them, but those 2 just make me want to ride, hot or cold, rain or shine......................just ride.
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