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Dec. 10 Siena to Florence. 79 km
My brother and wife landed around noon. Around 1:00 I met up with them at the hotel. Since they were jet lagged with thought the best plan was to go get pizza. We climbed the "el Doumo" tower around sunset. By 8:00 they were in bed.

Brother Craig and sister-in-Law Ellen

The tower we climbed. I used to climb wind towers that were about the same height but i was a bit nervous up there.

Who says its impossible to take a "nice picture"

El Doumo

I guess we are all children.


Dec. 11 Florence
We woke up early and caught a bus to Greve in Chanti. Craig and Ellen had been there 4 years earlier and they have been raving ever since about a restaurant there that has amazing wild bore pasta. It was good and live up to the hype. That night we when out and tied one on. Hilarity ensues.

My brother is older.. but we tend to act very young when we are together.

Wild boar. It was tasty.

Cool old truck for the butcher shop.

Walking to dinner.

This was later in the night after a few drinks and finding a shopping cart in the street.

El Doumo at night.

Best creme brule i've ever tasted. It had a hint of lemon. But the bastards charged us 3 euro a piece to sit down. Pretty lame.

Very late in the night.

Dec. 12 Florence
Craig and Ellen walked around the city and I slept in and ran some errands. I needed to print more xmas cards. We had another good meal but none of us even had wine that night. The spaghetti carbonara was quite good.

Dec. 13 Florence
I was very glad when Ellen and Craig wanted to take a train to Siena. We spent all day walking around the walled city. By the time we were back on the train going back to Florence, it was getting dark. We all passed out for a nice nap on the train.

No pole dancing!

We got photo-bombed by this guy.

Everywhere in Siena there are these. I'm not sure if they are for horses or what. But you can tell they have been there for a very very long time.

Urinal on the street?


Lots of woman were wearing wreaths on their head for a festival or something.

Ellen is short so she had to jump to ruin this picture.

Its a cross between a lion and a tiger. its like my favorite animal. Gosh.

Dec. 14 Florence
It was a bit rainy so we went to the Uffuzi and Accademia Gallery. I am not one for art museums but it was cool to see the David. We ate dinner at a restaurant called Coquinarius and it was amazing.

Dec. 15 Florence
The last day in Florence with Craig and Ellen. We did a test fit of the snowboard stuff on the moto and we figured the best way to carry it would be across the back sideways. No more splitting lanes :(
I later realized I could connect it to the tank in front and the Giant loop. It has enough room for my leg to fit between the seat and the board. It is now no wider then my handlebars and doesn't act like a sail.
That night we went back to dinner at the same restaurant Coquinarius.

This guy remembered my brother and his wife from 4 years ago when they were in Florence. He was so fun to talk to.

Dec. 16 Florence to Ancona. 305 km
Craig and Ellen were up at 5 to get to the plane home. I slept in till 10 then rode about 300 km to Ancona to catch a ferry. There was no ferry till the next day so I got a hotel room

Don't tip over. don't tip over. don't tip over...
You can see how much more crap i have now that I am carrying my snowboard, boots, and equipment.

Dec. 17 Ancona Italy and Ferry to Split Croatia
There was a ferry to Split croatia boarding at 9 that night so I paid for a late checkout and hungout in the room all day. It was rainy crappy weather so good to get caught up on stuff. I paid for my own room on the ferry so I could get some sleep. I thought my Minnesota plate got a lot of attention. Now with a snowboard I get even more questions.

Cabin on the boat.
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