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Originally Posted by Steve G. View Post
Finally got the bike together. Fired right up, charging at esentially 800rpm. So, initial output readings of the system seem quite high. At 4000rpm, voltage to the battery is 16.25 volts. With heated grips on high, and high beam on, battery is getting 15.85 volts. This is way too much. It seems to me at this point, that the regulator/rectifier is not doing it's job. It is grounded direct line to the battery. I must admit that I'm not surprised, I've had 3 Denso unit failures on other bikes of mine, and Ducati 'regs', where this unit was sourced, has a notorious reputation for burning up batteries because of too much voltage.

Any thoughts? Improper wire connections surely would result in 0 voltage output, or a complete short, I think.

The post above your post tells about a more or less similar problem. In your case, perhaps the ground wire between the engine and the battery might be the problem (or another wire in the charging system with too uch resistance). The regulator has to see the correct battery voltage to enable proper regulating.
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