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Originally Posted by DaBit View Post

How do you cut that steel plate so straight with the grinder? Anything special? I seem to always have a slight wobble in the cut or other mayhem. Usign good quality cutting discs and grinder of course.
I swapped to the reciprocating saw instead because of that, but it's a lot slower.
I haven't been able to see any noticeable differences in cut quality between various brands of cutting wheels.

I've been using the cheapest I can find for the most part. I've been using DeWalt discs here lately. Tractor Supply has them at $1.99 each, so I normally buy 10 at a time when I'm in there. I could probably find them even cheaper online.

I don't try to make the entire depth of the cut on the first swipe. I just slowly walk the disc down the mark letting the weight of the grinder do the work. The first pass is all about being on the line. Then I just do that 10 or 15 more times until through. I do my best to keep the wheel straight both ways. If you cock it left or right even a little bit, it makes for a wide cut, and the wheel will want to bind and/or jump around. After about halfway through something thick, I can cut forwards and backwards in the same cut pretty easily. I've gotten so proficient with the cutting wheel, that the plasma is gathering dust. Part of that is due to the fact that I need some consumables for it, but I haven't really been bothered to order any with the cuts I'm getting out of the little grinder. I hope this helps!
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