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PIAA 510 HID retrofit on an R1200GS

I picked up a pair of PIAA 510s for my GS from my buddy Kbasa a couple of months ago, and while I was digging the additional lighting, they weren't as bright as I was hoping. Ho ho ho - I found a 35w HID kit from DDM Tuning under the tree this year! I'm just guessing, but I think Santa went with the 35w ballasts instead of the 55w to save space and reduce the amount of heat in the 510s' housings. Good call Santa, good call.

Following RPMINC's writeup, I upgraded my 510s this afternoon. Other than drilling out the back of the housings, the install kit was plug-n-play - nice:

I attached the ballasts to the underside of the oil cooler using 3M "Extreme" double-sided tape:

I wanted to use Dual Lock, but couldn't find any locally. If I have any problems with adhesion, I'll swap it out. The rest of the wiring tucked up nicely, and the PIAA wiring harness was already hooked up to my fuse block:

Hot damn, these things put out a huge amount of light. Here are the old halogens only (the close-up illumination is from LEDs installed on the handguards) - all pictures below were taken with a Canon S95 - f2 0.25s ISO400):

...and the new HIDs:

Everything on (LEDs + low + high + PIAA 510 halogens):

Everything on (LEDs + low + high + PIAA 510 HID):

The color temperature is a bit bluer than I was expecting - I was hoping the 5000K would be daylight-ish white, but they seem a bit colder than that. No biggie - I can deal!

More install pics:
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