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Originally Posted by AKjeff View Post
What kind of mileage can you expect out of a truck like that?
I'd love to have a used medium duty with either a camper on it or to pull a trailer but my Dodge pickup does decently running empty.
I imagine the payoff comes from piece of mind due to the heavier duty components.
The P/O told me he got as good as 12mpg and it sounds like he ran it hard.
I can't wait to find out but it should pull the camper easily.

It will be put to work pulling other things eventually.

Heavy duty components are good, with my pickup once I lost the trailer wire connection coming down a steep hill. I was able to keep my speed under control but there was no way I could stop.
That was a white knuckle situation, with the big truck I wouldn't even worry.
It can handle a fair bit more cargo than what the camper weighs.

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