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Originally Posted by GS Addict View Post
Before installing be sure to check the new slave release bearing for adequate grease.
I find almost every new one from BMW has just a tiny dab of grease often not even touching the balls (automated greasing?)
Add high temp wheel bearing grease with a Q tip and work around ensuring that all the balls are well greased.
That wee bearing is spinning all the time!

Note: I believe that greasing the release bearing is as important as regularly flushing brake fluid.
My original slave cylinder is at 237,000km. I change my fluid every year and have re-lubed the bearing 3 times.

Notice the dry balls in upper picture, this is typical of what I have seen.

Very, very good advice about the bearing grease. After having two of these bearings fail on two different BMWs, I've learned to keep the bearing well greased and haven't had another problem.
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