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My Pictures September 16th

Mr. KLIM------------I'd been wearing this KLIM gear and pronouncing the name wrong---but since have been corrected.
The I is long-------not short.

Sure loving this Badlands Pro-------it was perfect for this ride. If it had been very hot and humid I would have opted for something different------but it never was on this ride.

We head mostly South and are soon on Cold Springs road.

Sometime on this trip Francine starts noticing her bike not handling right ----------and a couple times it scares her-----we can't figure it out.
Later on we do----------lucky for her she never got hurt.

I'll shut up as you see what we saw----another beautiful day in Wyoming.

Very easy but fun riding----and I'm sure Steve on the big BMW was enjoying this.

We pass thru the town of Kaysee where gas, food and lodging are avalilable but it's too early in the day to stop.
And since we all are prepared to with camping and cooking supplies we ride on of course---------untill.
Remember that 21" tube I put in the 18" rear tire a few days ago ?????
Well---it bit me in the ass.
I sometimes don't carry an 18" tube and use the 21" for emergency's----maybe not the smartest choice.
Then tube got wadded up when I put it in and just wore a hole in the side.

It usually is no problem doing this-------Dr. Rock didn't approve, and he passed up a good chance to poke a little fun at me. I was waiting for it-----------
But he didn't-------since he's not that kind of guy and let me slide.

Dr. Rock provided one of those fancy smancy bike holder upper thingy's ( got to get one of those )-----as there wasn't a rock to be found.
And I hadn't hardly dismounted when Scott had already laid out the Dingleweeds combination, tarp, hammock, ground cloth, bed spread, tent, rain cover,
bike cover, sun shade and tire changing comforter device.

The tube looked like it had wadded up in there and finally chafed itself to death.
This might have worked better if I had put a bit of air in the tube when I put it in the tire.

And right here is where it all went down----as people eye-balled us as they drove by.
Our route was suppose to go this way-----but didn't in the end.
You just can't see a trash barrel on google earth !!!!!

Actually there were a lot of things like above you couldn't see on google earth---but we made the best of it.
As you can see in the map below--a huge area we were going to ride thru was posted.

The extreme amounts of re-routing today didn't bother me in the least.
When you have a good leader-----leave him alone---he'll figure something else out and it's no big deal.

Oh---I guess Dr. Rock was getting frustrated but the rest of us just enjoyed the day and never put any pressure on him
as it's the best anybody could do-------------and in the end-----------it was all good.

As as Dingweeds would say---------------------WAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaHHHHhhhhhhhOOOOOOooooooooooo !!!!!!
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