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Greetings WWS,,
I have been in/to Paducah many times ...
I love the area "Land between the Lakes"..

Our Valkyrie club had it huge yearly rally there twice 04 and 05 ..The killer was it's in July Way to friggin hot..
We had our ScooterDog cart and worked the rally..At one time I had a 7lbs bag of ice on my head,trying to cool off while I slung hotdogs & BBQ. back in 05

This at the Riverboat we all had a big supper there..

Outside of the hotel parking lot..

Riding early in the morning ...When it was nice and cool out..

This is probably one of my all time favorite pic from that early morning day ride,

And of course we stopped to see the Buffalo..

Ride to Metropolis..Ya have to do this silly stuff every now and then..

And at the of the rally ..

Our friends from MI Stude and his lovely bride Kathy

Then I grabbed this cool night shot of 300 valk march.. Note HB and I were up front.. So we pulled out of line t take a few pic..
Also that was the first time I had ever jumped my bike ... We did a beer/booze run And well they have these odd medians in KY..
Well it was dark. And as we had to cross over the traffic.. In a small group of 6 valks.. Yuppers you got it I hit that curb thingy and my Beast went flying !!! The dang thing jumped right over the other curb and landed right where it should have in the group..
My buddy Dana watched it and said Dang I have never seen a Valk Jump like that !!! Thank goodness nothing got bent or broke!!!
So yes My Dragon can Fly!!!!

I did grab this cool sunset shot from our balcony of the Ohio river with a huge barge on it..

One more Sunset shot...

To bad I can't find a pic of the ScooterDog cart...
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